Living in Andorra

Living in Andorra is easy if you know how

What does living in Andorra mean? What advantages and obligations would moving to Andorra involve? How do social security contributions, retirement and taxes work in Andorra? These are some of the concerns that cross our mind whenever we think about moving our usual residence together with our family, our assets, and our property to a new country such as the Principality of Andorra.

At IS21 Integral Serveis, we will not only help you to find the answer to all these questions, but we will also accompany you throughout the process so that you only need to worry about the thing that is really important: the reason why you have decided to come and live in Andorra.

Whatever the reason, whether it be a new and promising job, tax benefits that will improve your finances, or in search of a change of scenery that will bring you a better quality of life, IS21 is a must-stop that will add sense and meaning to your change of residence and help bring the desired end result.

Below you will find a selection of articles about new developments affecting various aspects of the Andorran economy and about how we live here in Andorra.

foreign investment andorra

Foreign investment in Andorra, on the rise

Jordi Marticella, CEO of Integral Serveis 21, outlines the current economic situation in Andorra with reference to foreign investment in this country, in an interview

Blockchain, an added value for Andorra

Blockchain, an added value for Andorra

Blockchain has become a keystone in the world economy and Andorradoes not want to be left out of this technological breakthrough that can bring much added value to the country. It is in this sense that…

Interview with Jordi Marticella IS21. And now what? Andorra post-COVID-19

And now what? Andorra post-COVID-19

Jordi Marticella, director of Integral Serveis 21, answers questions about the future of the Andorran economy and the consequences that the coronavirus will have on foreign investment.

reasons to live in Andorra retired

10 reasons for moving to Andorra on retirement

The moment of retirement comes. An era of effort and work lasting many years has come to an end and you find yourself faced with an unknown prospect which can also be a challenge, because it means a 360-degree turnaround in your life. Among many of the decisions you have to take is the one about where you are going to live to enjoy your retirement.

Importing a vehicle into Andorra

Importing a vehicle into Andorra

Between 2,500 and 3,000 vehicles are registered in Andorra every year. Nearly 10% of these are re-registrations of imported vehicles, which covers vehicles with foreign number plates that are brought in by new residents coming to live and work in Andorra.

Incorporation of a landing system through GPS at the Andorra-La Sede airport

Andorra, closer to you

Andorra has good reason to celebrate. We have recently had positive news about communications between Andorra and the rest of the world. On a recent visit to the Spanish prime minister, the Andorran Head of Government, Antoni Martí, was given the government’s promise to install a GPS landing system at the Andorra-La Seu airport in La Seu d’Urgell, Spain. This state-of-the-art technology allows planes to safely land and take off in adverse weather conditions. It is expected to come into operation in spring 2019, the same date that the infrastructure department of the Catalan Government is working with.

Immigration Andorra: Andorra allows residence in the country

Immigration Andorra: Andorra allows residence in the country

Andorra continues to promote foreign investment and the arrival of new residents that is still promoting the immigration of new residents.

Andorra, attractive destination for retirement

Andorra, attractive destination for retirement

The Principality of Andorra is without doubt an attractive location to live. A high level of services, coupled with an idyllic natural environment, a good quality of life and low taxes make the country a major Pyrenean attraction for many people.

Working in Andorra: immigration quotas

Working in Andorra: immigration quotas

According to the latest statistics from the Immigration Department of the Andorran government, until last June in Andorra had a total of 42,169 immigrants: 21,343 men and 20,826 women.

Reporting income and salaries in kind in Andorra

How should contributions or salary income in kind in Andorra?

Remunerations that workers receive in forms other than money are considered income or salaries in kind. However, how should they be reported for tax purposes? Is it mandatory to contribute to the CASS? Are there any exceptions? Find the answers to these questions and more in this article.