Working in Andorra: immigration quotas

Working in Andorra: immigration quotas

According to the latest statistics from the Immigration Department of the Andorran government , until last June in Andorra had a total of 42,169 immigrants : 21,343 men and 20,826 women.

The government regulates, based on the article 32 of the Constitution and the Legislative Decree of 26-03-2014 Publication of the revised Law 9/2012, of 31 May, amending the Immigration Act qualified , the labor needs of Andorran society , both quantitatively and qualitatively. So from this analysis and taking into account the priorities that makes the immigration policy of the country, the government established via the statutory immigration quotas that set the number of immigrants that can host Andorra in depending on the type of authorization.

The Andorran government's goal is to maintain balance and social cohesion, facilitating the entry of regulated workers in the country , that add value both economically and socially.


The winter tourist attraction for those who want to enjoy both varieties sports practiced on snow (skiing, snowboarding, etc.) and for those who seek climate fred- requires increasing the number of employees to attend the The high demand. For this reason, the cabinet approved last October, as every year, new quotas of permits for the 2016-2017 winter season. With respect to 2015, they increased by 3.8% in order to adapt to market needs.

Thus, the Council of Ministers granted a total of 3,281 permits for temporary -2110-EU citizens for the winter season 2016-2017 , 140 of which are on work permits temporary border. The distribution of these sectors of activity is:

  • Hotel establishments: 1765
  • Ski Stations: 851
  • Hotels located in the ski resort: 380
  • Travel Agencies: 40
  • Ski hire shops: 232
  • Retail trade: 13


Regarding the share of overall immigration permits , the executive also confirmed last month a total of 596 -146 authorizations for frontier work - for the period October 2016 - April 2017, representing an increase over the last year's 44.31%.

The cabinet envisages that can be expanded up to 30% both the immigration quota for the 2016-2017 winter season , as the share of overall immigration.

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