100% foreign equity ownership is allowed in Andorra

Andorra is immersed in a process of opening up and allows 100% foreign ownership, helping to diversify Andorra’s growth model. New companies can be formed, which can also ease the process of acquiring residence. The procedure for obtaining residence permits without work or for business, sporting, cultural or scientific reasons has also been simplified.
Investing in Andorra fosters new sectors while maintaining its competitive advantages. Located between Spain and France, its low taxation, institutional stability, legal certainty and high living standards make this country a very attractive destination.
Andorra’s implementation of tax reforms and the process of opening up and financial harmonisation was the result of signing double taxation agreements - first with France and Spain, then with other countries; the unification of all indirect taxes into the General Indirect Tax (IGI), and the introduction of very advantageous rates of income tax (IRPF). All these changes have made Andorra a place for sound investment.

Why is the new tax model interesting?

01. Because the 10% standard tax on profit is much lower than in surrounding countries.

02. Because the 80% tax exemptions for companies that trade internationally, exploit intangible assets or have intergroup finance, and the effects of participation exemption (exemptions for dividends and capital gains in subsidiaries) places Andorra among the most competitive jurisdictions for investment.

03. Because the 4.5% IGI (VAT equivalent) represents a sufficiently attractive price differential in commerce and tourism that investors can use to their advantage.

At Integral Serveis 21, we offer support from the initial business idea to creating and growing your business venture.

  • Processing foreign direct investment permits (for non-residents)
  • Applying to reserve the company name
  • Drawing up the articles of association
  • Incorporation, modification, dissolution and liquidation of the company
  • Drawing up the company minute book
  • Appointment of officers, capital increases, powers of attorney, change of registered office, etc.
  • Opening a business
    • Applying to open a business
    • Obtaining the Tax Registration Number ( NRT )
    • Registering with the Social Security System

At Integral Serveis 21 we also meet day-to-day operational requirements.

  • Helping to find premises or the registered office
  • Management and control of official and commercial correspondence. Immediate email notification
  • Procedures with relevant bodies/ institutions
  • Processing changes in vehicle registration
  • Assistance with customs formalities
  • Procedures with FEDA (electricity company), Andorra Telecom, etc.
  • Help finding staff