Administrative management, accounts and tax

Integral Serveis 21 is aimed at enterprises and investors, both Andorran and foreign. We advise our customers how they can make the most of Andorra’s taxation and economic system. We listen to investors’ requirements and provide services to design and optimise the company structure in Andorra, such as administrative management, accounts and tax.

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Andorra is on the ideal path towards a model of transparency and international tax harmonisation, favouring Andorran businesses with its competitive tax differential compared with surrounding countries. It is becoming the perfect platform for businesses that want to operate worldwide. Political, social and economic stability, combined with its economic and tax potential and high living standards make Andorra a very attractive destination for investors .

At Integral Serveis 21, we offer support from the initial business idea to creating and growing your business venture.

  • Processing foreign direct investment permits (for non-residents)
  • Applying to reserve the company name
  • Drawing up the articles of association
  • Incorporation, modification, dissolution and liquidation of the company
  • Drawing up the company minute book
  • Appointment of officers, capital increases, powers of attorney, change of registered office, etc.
  • Opening a business
    • Applying to open a business
    • Obtaining the Tax Registration Number ( NRT )
    • Registering with the Social Security System

At Integral Serveis 21 we also meet day-to-day operational requirements.

  • Helping to find premises or the registered office
  • Management and control of official and commercial correspondence. Immediate email notification
  • Procedures with relevant bodies/ institutions
  • Processing changes in vehicle registration
  • Assistance with customs formalities
  • Procedures with FEDA (electricity company), Andorra Telecom, etc.
  • Help finding staff