Immigration Andorra: Andorra allows residence in the country

Immigration Andorra: Andorra allows residence in the country

Andorra remains committed to foreign investment and the arrival of new residents that is still promoting the immigration of new residents. The quality of life, the environment and health, educational systems and the premier health system contribute decisively, together with the high level of public safety and personal. Not to mention a fiscal framework competitive.

According to the decree published on 17 February 2016, Andorra follows the new immigration quota authorization of residence, known as the residence permit passive. The previous regulation Decree share of general authorizations immigration without work or residence passive dated 20 November 2013 and has been repealed.

The new share of total immigration permits of residence without work enabled is 600 persons being assigned as follows:

  • Enabled 490 residence permits without gainful activity. Such permission to live in Andorra more than 90 days and is suitable for those who want to reside in the country without exercising any profession or economic activity.
  • Enabled 30 residence permits for international professionals are those who, although residing in the country, develop at least 85% of their professional activity outside of Andorra.
  • Reserve 50 licenses to persons of recognized talent sporting, cultural or scientific wishing to domicile residence in Andorra.
  • Finally, we have planned 30 residence permits to enter nursing homes or private schools enroll in private medical care or therapy.

Importantly immigration permits of residence are granted by order of registration in accordance with the entry of applications. Priority is to obtain a residence permit jobless citizens Spanish, French and Portuguese, as their states have signed and ratified an agreement with Andorra in the area of mobility of its residents. The citizens of the Member States of the European Union and the European Economic follow in the order of priority. Finally, the eligible residence permit joblesscitizens of other countries.