reasons to live in Andorra retired

10 reasons for moving to Andorra on retirement

The moment of retirement comes. An era of effort and work lasting many years has come to an end and you find yourself faced with an unknown prospect which can also be a challenge, because it means a 360-degree turnaround in your life. Among many of the decisions you have to take is the one about where you are going to live to enjoy your retirement.

To offer you a little help in solving this problem, IS21 can give 10 good reasons why you should think of considering the Principality of Andorra as your place of residence.

  1. For safety. Andorra is among the five safest countries in the world, with an almost non-existent crime rate.
  2. For the tax situation. Andorra has a very low pressure tax system, internationally homologated and with Personal Income Tax at a very low rate which will not affect your monthly pension payments, as can happen in countries like Spain or France. On the tax level, if you have a pension plan, you can reduce your base for this tax to 5,000 euro.
  3. For your welfare. The model in Andorra is sustained, principally, by a top quality health system which puts the country’s health services among the 10 best in the world.
  4. For life expectancy, which holds sixth place in the world ranking with an average age of 82.5 years.
  5. For the country’s natural environment and heritage, its direct contact with nature and an environment which contributes to developing healthy lifestyle habits.
  6. For the service sector, of a quality which comprises a very broad and diverse commercial offer, with everything nearby so that access to all those essential goods is so easy and there is no need to go far.
  7. For Andorra’s vocation of welcome and inclusion for all its citizens. Current legislation establishes the basis on which to guarantee minimum thresholds for welfare, with corrective measures directed to guaranteeing a decent level of life and social cohesion.
  8. For the economy’s dynamism and solidity, with stable growth indicators to guarantee a reliable future.
  9. For the respect for its roots and for the values that have, throughout the centuries, built the country that we know today, where their principal exponent is a cultural heritage with true jewels of the Romanesque to be discovered.
  10. For accessibility to long distance transport infrastructures since, although without its own airport, Andorra is just 2 hours from Barcelona and 3 from Toulouse.

IS21 will advise you and be by your side in going through all the processes you need to sort out to settle your residence in the Principality. Welcome to Andorra!