Importing a vehicle into Andorra

Importing a vehicle into Andorra

Between 2,500 and 3,000 vehicles are registered in Andorra every year. Nearly 10% of these are re-registrations of imported vehicles, which covers vehicles with foreign number plates that are brought in by new residents coming to live and work in Andorra.

Since the Andorran Highway Code was amended in 2014, Andorra allows the registration of vehicles that are more than 3 years old, as long as they meet the Euro 5 emissions standards or higher. To import a vehicle, the owner must have already owned it for at least six months and must carry out the importation process within six months of receiving his/her residence permit.

The importation process includes the registration, number plate, import tax (IGI) and insurance. Registration costs €200, plus €60 for the new number plate. Import tax is 4.5% of the vehicle’s market value. It is also important to know that Andorra does not allow the importation of right-hand drive vehicles and that vehicles more than 25 years old must be imported as classic cars.

IS21 will take care of every necessary step and procedure to import the vehicle, ensuring a smooth, problem-free process.