Increased foreign investment in Andorra

Increased foreign investment in Andorra

The Principality of Andorra has become a magnet for foreign investors who want to operate internationally with a tax approved attractive.

According to the latest data provided by the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of Andorra during 2016 were applied for 811 permits foreign investment in the Principality of Andorra , which it approved a total of 778. Of these 627 formalizing it ended, 10% more than the previous year (571).

The interest of foreign investors has been rising since 2012 , as a result of the changes introduced by the government of the Principality of Andorra to open the Andorran economic model. With the approval of Law 10/2012 of foreign investment , which has allowed the total investment (100%) of foreign capital in Andorran companies -limitat until then to 49% - have increased requests for investment foreign Andorra . In the last four years have been registered a total of 2,873, of which 2,687 were approved and formalized 2195.

Exponential growth which has impacted positively on the economy. In 2012, foreign investment in Andorra generated an economic impact of 6.9 billion euros, however, that in 2016 was of 97.1 million and now represents 3.8% of total GDP.


The objective of the government of Andorra is to attract foreign investors in strategic areas such as health, education or research, among others, minimizing the impact on the domestic economic sector.

According to the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of Andorra, the three sectors that concentrate more weight to foreign investment are: assets (50.4%), services -comptables, lawyers, etc. (21.4% ) and marketing (16.2%).

Regarding the profile of foreign investors, 51.3% are Spanish investors and 17.8% in France.

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Source: ARA Andorra