Andorra authorizes 250 residence permits and self-employment

Andorra authorizes 250 residence permits and self-employment

In order to continue encouraging foreign investment , the Andorran government approved a new immigration quota of permits for residence and work on their own .

According to current legislation -the Qualified Law Immigration , Law on Foreign Investment in Andorra and Law liberal professions and professional associations and schools - the new rules of general quota authorizations immigration and residence self-employment provides a total of 250 permits, of which 50 are reserved for professions.

However, if it runs one of the two modalities, the regulation provides for the granting of the authorization requested, unless the quota is exhausted generally fixed.


The authorization of immigration and residence self-employment will be granted in strict chronological order entry applications. However, priority will be given, first, to nationals of states that have signed and ratified an agreement with the Principality of Andorra and, secondly, to nationals of member states of the EU and EEA European . Later, nationals of other states.

In case of renewal of the authorization of immigration and residence self-employment , the holder must prove that retains the same conditions and assumptions of fact for which he was awarded the permit initial immigration.

The IS21 team of professionals responsible for the management of immigration permits in Andorra. If you have any questions or would like to process the application to obtain a residence permit and self-employment, contact no obligation.