Active residence permit requirements in Andorra

How to obtain a residence permit in andorra active?

As explained on previous occasions, the Principality of Andorra has several advantages that make it a place especially attractive for living . The tax advantageous must add a per capita income higher than the average of OECD countries, a high level of security, most competitive conditions and a privileged environment. All these factors make Andorra a country with a very good quality of life and make it a magnet for those looking for a new place where up residence or business seeking a new business opportunity .

The Andorran government provides two ways for a foreign person may establish legally residence in Andorra:

  • Active residence: residence permit with work permit, ie, the individual can develop a professional activity in the country.
    • Residence active for others: permit to work in Andorra hired by a national company.
    • Residence active self: entrepreneurs establish or form their own company and work there.
  • Passive or fiscal residence: residence permit without a work permit.

How to obtain a residence permit active? 

The residence permit is intended for active people who are employed by an Andorran company and business people and entrepreneurs who create a company in the country.


In both cases, the individual will need to establish their principal residence in Andorra and effective for at least 183 days.

In the case of active residence for others, the contracting company will be responsible for processing the permit by the worker with the Department of Immigration Andorra , while in the case of residence will be active on their own the individual who will do the paperwork and submit the required documentation . Moreover, in the latter case, permission must individuals meet the following requirements:

  • Having a stake greater than 10% of the company created or acquired : the holder must ensure that at least 10% of the shares of the company or business was in his name.
  • Exercise by the Board of Directors of the Company: the individual requesting the permit must take a position within the company and must prove that there is active.

The first authorization granted by the Andorran government is one year, renewable three times for periods of two years. After seven years, delivered successive renewals for periods lasting ten years.

If you want to establish your residency in Andorra and arrange a residence permit active in IS21 advise you without obligation.