250 work residence permit Andorra own account

Andorra approves 250 new residence permits and self-employment

In order to continue fostering and encouraging foreign investment , the Council of Ministers of Andorra approved a new fee for residence permits and work for himself .

The new regulation provides 250 licenses spread over 50 licenses for freelancers and 200 permits for residence and other cases of self-employment . This call is necessary after it has been almost exhausted last contingent fee , approved in January 2017, it has granted a total of 250 approvals immigration and residence .

The residence and work permits will be granted, as described by the Government of the Principality of Andorra, following a strict order of priority chronologically according to the date of entry of applications . However, preference will be given to citizens of states that have signed and ratified an agreement with Andorra , followed by nationals of Member States of the European Union and of the European Economic Area . Ultimately, the permit awarded to citizens of other states.

Those wishing to renew a permit must prove that they have maintained the same conditions and assumptions that led to the granting of residence permits and work at the time.

In the event that runs one of the two types of authorization, the regulation provides that it can grant the permission requested , provided they have not exhausted the quota general authorization of residence and work, set at 250 .

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