The film industry in Andorra, a plan for the future

The film industry in Andorra, a plan for the future

The film sector in the Principality of Andorra has grown in recent years, enabling Andorra to be presented abroad as an ideal location for audiovisual projects, among other opportunities. Conscious of the media coverage of these productions, the Government of Andorra has decided to offer a grant of €100,000, to be awarded to one film project.

Anyone interested in applying for the grant has until July 5, 2019 to present their proposals, which can be for a full-length animated, documentary or fiction film. You can view the basic eligibility requirements and the documentation required for the grant application in the Andorran Official Gazette (BOPA). Among the criteria that will be considered is whether all or part of the filming will take place in Andorra and that a percentage of the cast and crew will be national.

This €100,000 is 23% of the total budget of €439,000 allocated to grants for cultural projects in 2019. This type of public subsidy to the business network helps to maintain and increase competitiveness, encouraging Andorran and resident professionals to successfully face challenges. Here at IS21, we celebrate the Government’s support to entrepreneurs, especially for innovative projects that help to diversify the national economy.

Photo: Comú Escaldes Engordany