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The Andorra-La Seu airport is opening a new air route to connect Andorra with Palma de Mallorca during the winter. The designated company to operate is Air Nostrum (Iberia Regional), which will offer two return flights a week from the beginning of January until the end of March. The ticket, starting at 50 euros per flight, will have a 75% discount for residents of the Balearic Islands. The airline also announced that passengers will have internal connections to the airports of Menorca and Ibiza with the same flight ticket of Andorra and Palma.

This new connection with the Balearic Islands is an addition to the existing route in operation since the end of 2021, which connects the Principality with Madrid, and which has more than a thousand passengers a month, a figure that has exceeded the expectations of Catalonia Airports. Currently, the Alt Urgell airport hosts air activity and is already studying the possibility of opening new routes and schedules to diversify the arrival of tourists and residents to Andorra.

This transport alternative brings Andorra closer to foreign countries and generates new economic synergies.

Although the Andorra-La Seu airport operates only in Spanish territory, Madrid and Palma are cities with intense air traffic and are suitable for connections between the Principality and other world capitals.

Madrid-Barajas Airport is the main airport in Spain, the fifth in Europe and the twenty-fourth in the world. It is an important hub for Air Europa and Iberia airlines, which account for more than 60% of current traffic. In addition, the airport is used for connections between Europe and Latin America.

Palma airport is the third most important airport in Spain in terms of passenger volume, only surpassed by Barajas International Airport in Madrid and Barcelona's El Prat International Airport. It receives a large number of charter flights from Europe (especially from Germany and the United Kingdom).

The routes with both airports place Andorra on the map of international air destinations and open the door not only to tourism but also to new residents (sportsmen, retirees, etc.) as well as investors and companies seeking new business opportunities.

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