IS21 supports the creation of the new brand Andorra

IS21 supports the creation of the new brand Andorra

The Andorran Business Confederation (CEA) has launched an interesting initiative to highlight the brand Andorra . The objective of this action, which was released late last December, is to create a new brand Andorra to help enhance the competitiveness of the Principality worldwide.

In recent years, Andorra has undertaken a series of economic reforms aimed at fiscal and social transformation of their economic and financial model in order to bet on the transparency of financial activity and become a magnet for foreign investment . A series of actions that culminated with the entry into force, the 2017, the Exchange Act of automatic tax information .


The redefinition of the brand new Andorra , which advocates unveiled the new attributes of the Principality is divided into three phases. The first involved the development of a survey, nationwide, to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Andorra from an internal vision. In this first phase, only participated Andorran residents and businesses in the country. Currently, the CEA is analyzing the data.

The second stage is aimed to know the opinion of international Andorra . Thus, based on the responses obtained through the questionnaire nationwide, elaborated a new form so that all foreigners who wish can bring their point of view on the Principality of Andorra .

The final stage will be the implementation of the new brand Andorra, planned for the second half of 2018. The CEA will provide the data to the Andorran government , so that it can carry out the actions it deems appropriate.

The creation of the new brand Andorra is a pioneering initiative that will help diversify and grow the Andorran economy . For this reason, from IS21, we support the commitment of the Andorran Business Confederation to publicize internationally the advantages of the Principality of Andorra to foreign businessmen and tourists.