Andorra, a safe place to invest

International agencies trust Andorra's economy

The international agencies Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor's have provided a positive assessment of the Principality's economy, defining the country as a secure investment destination, with anticipated economic growth extending until at least 2026.

The Principality of Andorra’s key factors of economic strength

The focus on Andorra as a prime investment and residency destination has grown progressively. The country's post-pandemic economic recovery, resilience in sustaining its business landscape despite the energy crisis, and the prospect of reaching an association agreement with the European Union have been the main factors influencing international agencies to regard Andorra with a positive outlook for the future.

Furthermore, another notable aspect lies in the remarkable resilience of the banking sector, showcasing its capacity to surpass capital and liquidity ratios, enhance the profitability of entities, and implement international reserves. Andorra's external position is also highlighted, wherein the improvement in surplus following pandemic-induced deficits has increased confidence in the country's external standing.

Competitiveness of Andorran companies

In recent years, Andorra has achieved a competitive economic position in international markets. With the approval of laws such as the Digital Economy Act, the country seeks to expand its economic model beyond just tourism and commerce.

An attractive destination for economic growth

The residency and investment opportunities available in the Principality together with its positive economic forecast make Andorra a compelling hub for fostering economic expansion. At IS21 you will find a comprehensive service of advice and guidance on every step towards securing a prosperous future in Andorra.