electronic sports andorra

E-sports, a strategic sector for Andorra

Electronic sports are going through their best moment in terms of notoriety, investment and followers. In this regard, Andorra is a great place for this type of business, with great Internet connectivity and an attractive fiscal framework. Andorra’s commitment and regularisation of this strategic sector will allow the Principality to attract foreign investors and new companies.

Regularisation of the electronic sports sector

The Government of Andorra is working on a draft legislation on electronic sports in order to establish a legal framework for the development of these activities, whether they be economic or focused on training and leisure. Regulating this sector can entail great international growth for the country and the diversification of the Andorran economy, aspects that can promote the local business fabric and attract innovative and creative companies.

A fast-growing sector

The development of this industry appears unstoppable. Initially, eSports were associated with small or local tournaments, but they have recently become a mass phenomenon. Today, more than 300 million people follow them on a regular basis, and some events gather more spectators to the screens than traditional sports. The League of Legends World Cup final, for example, reached 75 million viewers in 2017, many more than the last NBA Finals in the United States.

It is not a simple sports movement. Electronic sports are part of a revolution driven by the expansion of the internet and the emergence of new platforms. They offer different business opportunities such as organizing competitions, generating content, creating applications, training and building teams.

The Andorran Electronic Sports Association

The Andorran Electronic Sports Association was created in December 2020. The association aims to be a point of reference to coordinate the work related to this sector that is carried out in the country and thus help to position Andorra as a place of reference on a global scale.

eSports in Andorra: a great business opportunity

e-Sports Andorra great business opportunityAndorra aims to attract high-value-added technological companies with international projection, that would benefit from the competitive advantages of the country, and eSports are a great business opportunity. The regularization of this sector will offer a value proposition to local industry and will allow domestic and foreign talent and companies to find Andorra a favorable place to work from, developing the country at the same time.