Conditions to be hired in Andorra

Conditions to be hired in Andorra

It is considered the worker the person who undertakes to provide a service or to perform a work on behalf of the employer, within their organization and / or under his direction, in exchange for remuneration. This must be resident in Andorra, demonstrable fact the residence permit adequate.

However, the worker also consdiera partner who provides services or performs work on behalf of a company of which he is a member, under the direction of corporate bodies in return for remuneration. However, if the worker does not consider its participation in the share capital representing 50% or more of the same capital.


An employment contract is a contract whereby a person agrees verbally or in writing, to pay a person working for another person within their organization and leadership, through remuneration of any kind, called salary.

The employment contract can be established:

  1. indefinite or indeterminate
  2. for a fixed term or determined
  3. work for a specific service or
  4. seasonal
  5. through fixed contracts discontinuous

    The minimum monthly wage to be declared to be eligible to receive benefits is equal to the minimum monthly wage approved by the Government and published in BOPA that on 1 January 2016 is set at 975.87 euros. If you have the right to benefits , but your salary is less than the minimum, you can use it up to the minimum wage.