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Our experienced team are continuously developing their skills and updating their knowledge of legislation and technology to provide the best solutions at all times.


The professionalism and commitment of our highly qualified team provide a customer-focused service, within the current legal framework.


We base our relationship with customers planning to invest in Andorra on proximity and personalised service, building a solid relationship of trust.

We manage your peace of mind100% foreign equity ownership
is allowed in Andorra

Integral Serveis 21 is aimed at entrepreneurs wishing to invest in Andorra. We offer accounting, tax and employment advice - a comprehensive service to cover every need, handled efficiently and to the highest standard.

The new foreign investment law allows 100% foreign equity ownership in Andorra. Investors must present a project to the Andorran Government, which will analyse it and assess its suitability. If it meets all the requirements, the government will authorise the investment. This process takes up to six weeks.

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News Economic growth

Economic growth


During the second quarter of this year 2019, the Andorran economy has grown by 2.3%, above the growth rates recorded for France and Europe and on a level with the Spanish economy. These positive overall results are the result of strong dynamism in the service sector, the country’s economic pillar which, according to official data, represents 80% of the GNP.

News Importing a vehicle into Andorra

Importing a vehicle into Andorra


Between 2,500 and 3,000 vehicles are registered in Andorra every year. Nearly 10% of these are re-registrations of imported vehicles, which covers vehicles with foreign number plates that are brought in by new residents coming to live and work in Andorra.

News Andorra is sailing towards the end of legal restrictions in the nautical sector

Andorra is sailing towards the end of legal restrictions in the nautical sector


From 1 July people of Andorran nationality and residents of the country with a nautical card issued in Andorra can crew vessels that are not registered in the Principality, whether private or hired. Through a decree-law, the Government has ended the obligation of crewing exclusively vessels with registration under the Andorran flag.